• Diplomatic Hand carries/Time Sensitive deliveriesWe deliver your couriers fast, secure and safe
  • Logistics Storage
    We specialize in logistic storage around the globe
  • Air/Sea Freight Import ExportImport and export by sea and air done securely
  • Warehousing &
    Warehouse storage and distribution around the globe

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About Us


JNE KUL was first started business in the year 1993, as a courier service company. We manage all Domestic to International transportation of goods, to extend your business and fill in the spaces that other services wont or cant work. JNE KUL is dedicated to offering customers, fast reliable, responsive and cost effective from delivery to various.Specialize in Logistics critical parts centre, freight forwarding, warehousing dangerous goods, machine movements, reliable insurance coverage and etc, ensuring a fundamental efficient service.

At JNE KUL we have a reputation of high quality performance, each of us encourage responsibility, commitment and above all co-operation. For more than ten years, JNE KUL has been the transportation company of choice for tens of thousands of world-class companies in the Europe and Asian subcontinent. This is due to the  unique way JNE KUL conducts its business and the special advantages it extends to its customers.

JNE KUL is unique in the variety of transportation services it offers under one roof, and is unique in its creative and flexible style of management, enabling it to customize its solutions to accommodate the specific transportation needs and requirements of every one of its customers. We care for your cargo. For every consignment, we have a commitment. Due to our know-how and highly skilled staff we guarantee that your cargo will arrive safe and sound. And, of course, exactly on time – at more than 150 destinations in over 80 countries.

When you choose JNE KUL, you have decided a vigorous and purposeful fast process in your convenience. Together with our creative transmission, wide knowledge on areas and quality performance, we are ever present thinking beneficial ways to enhance our performance.

Our licenses includes
  • - Courier License
  • - Air Freight License (Freight Forwarding)
  • - Courier License
  • - Air Freight License (Freight Forwarding)
  • - 5 (A) Licenses
  • - 2 bonded Licenses
  • - Sign Board License
  • - Dangerous Goods Regulations
  • - Leasing & Factoring
      (From National Central Bank)
  • - Mailing (Franking)


Our Nature Of Business Includes

- Transportations on high value or over size   shipment.
- Logistics Storage Specialist.
- Customs Clearance. (Freight Forwarding)
- Warehousing & Distribution.
- On Site Non-Technical Swop.
- Time Sensitive Delivery Services.
- 24 x 7 x 365 Coverage.
- Time Management Details.
- Diplomatic hand Carry Services.
- Air Freight ,Import and Export.
- Bonded Truck trucking and transfer.
- Data Centre (Server, Frame, Storage) moving.   Movement expert. (with or without Police Escort)
- Heavy weight big trough window of roof   shipment movement transfer expert.
- Sea Freight for import and Export.